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All Season Sale March 27-29, 2015

Waukesha County Expo Center

Welcome to Just Between Friends of Waukesha!  We are so happy you found us and invite you to explore our site and learn more about opportunity to participate. Can't wait to see you at the sale!!

What's What for the March Sale?

To better serve YOU and the community, here are the changes and reminders for All Season 2015 March Sales Event!

  • New to JBF? Click here to get started!
  • Clothes, shoes and car seats will be inspected at consignor drop which is March 25th from 10am-8pm.
  • Consignor checks will be mailed by April 13, 2015.
  • Prime Time Shopping tickets now on sale!  Click here to purchase them in advance and SAVE $5!
  • Accetable items this sale are: spring, summer, fall and winter clothing items and shoes. Click here for a detailed list of acceptable items.
  • Any type of hanger is accepted; wire, plastic or the plastic ones from retailers.
  • Half price presale for volunteers Saturday evening March 28th!
  • All big ticket items will need a yellow "claim ticket."  Grab a few at the check-in table or in the Hold Area during drop off and we will show you want to do! Any item "too big to carry" to the registers will need a claim ticket for the convenience of our shoppers.
  • Consignor fee for the All Season Sale is $12.00.
  • Consignors earn 60% on their sold items.
  • Volunteers earn 70% on their sold items. A few limited shifts will earn 75%.
  • Consignors receive 2 friend passes to the presale.
  • We sell Tagging Gun Kits!  Each kit includes: a tagging gun, an extra needle, 1000 three inch barbs and shipping for $20! Click here to order yours by using our secure PayPal account.
  • We sell replacement barbs! 1000 3 inch barbs for $5.  Click here to order yours by using our secure PayPal account.
  • No generic stuffed animals accepted. Only name brand characters and battery operated stuffed toys allowed.
  • No VHS tapes accepted.
  • No breastpumps accepted.

How would you like to join us?

Consignor:  turn your closets into ca$h
VIP Tagging: someone tags your items for you.
Volunteer:  earn more money and shop first!
Savvy Shopper:  why ever pay retail?
First-Time Parent, Grandparent, Teacher or Military:  shop before we open to the public
Prime Time Shopping:  You can shop early too...learn more on our presale page. Click here to purchase your tickets in advance and SAVE!

Printable Information

Everything you need to print for the upcoming sale!

Need Directions? Click Map Below!

Enter Expo Center at Gate 1 and follow drive to Forum building.  Parking is FREE!

Expo Center is located minutes from I94 with drive times 30 min or less from surrounding areas.

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A Peek of The Waukesha JBF Event: